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Antistatic Big Bags
Antistatic Big Bags
  • Suitable in an explosive environment
  • To avoid dangerous situations
  • For transport and storage
Product specifications

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Product specifications

Articlenumber: 8
Single / multiple use: Single use
Feature 1: Suitable in an explosive environment
Feature 2: To avoid dangerous situations
Feature 3: For transport and storage

Antistatic Big Bags

Antistatic Big Bags

Safety is of paramount importance at the BigBagStore. That’s why our product range includes a first-rate selection of antistatic Big Bags. This type of bag is ideal for loading or unloading products at high volume, especially in potentially hazardous atmospheres. A static charge can occur during loading or unloading, leading to potentially life-threatening situations.

We supply a wide range of antistatic Big Bags, also known as Conductive Big Bags or FIBCs (flexible intermediate bulk containers). Take the right precautions by purchasing quality antistatic Big Bags at the BigBagStore.

Antistatic Big Bag types

Here at the BigBagStore, you’ll find a range of antistatic Big Bag options, including:

  • Type B.
    Type B Big Bags are made from polypropylene with an antistatic coating. These Type B bags are capable of breaking down electrical voltages measuring up to 6 kV via the side walls of their construction. These are ideal for use with dry, flammable materials where there are no gasses present in the vicinity.
  • Type C.
    Made from cloth with interwoven conductive wires that are connected to all parts of the Big Bag and attached to an earth loop. To be used for combustible materials and in environments where flammable gases are found.
  • Type D.
    Cloth with a system of conductive tissue and/or special coating. There is no inter-connection with all parts of the Big Bag, as well as no grounding. These Big Bags are not conductive, but give a charge to the environment via the corona effect.

Keen to learn more about our various types of antistatic Big Bags? Get in touch with our expert team of specialists today to discover more.

Why choose antistatic Big Bags?

Learn more about why antistatic Big Bags are an indispensable asset when striving for a safe and secure working environment.

The safe handling of static electricity during the loading and unloading of FIBCs is of paramount importance within the industry. Static discharge can lead from an operator shock to an explosion of flammable gases, vapours or dusts. These use of solutions like Type C Big Bags eliminates these hazards.

If you are aware of the risks associated with static electricity, you know why the use of antistatic Big Bags is so vital.

Protect yourself and your materials buy buying safe antistatic Big Bags from the BigBagStore.

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