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Big Bag 500 litre
Big Bag 500 litre
Big Bag 500 litre
  • Sturdy closure
  • High quality
  • Big space
Product specifications

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Product specifications

Articlenumber: BB1011
Size: 500L
Feature 1: Sturdy closure
Feature 2: High quality
Feature 3: Big space

Big Bag 500 litre


Are you looking for Big Bags with a 500 litre capacity for storing and/or transporting your products? Then you are in the right place at Here, you will find a wide range of Big Bags in various sizes. The common factor in each product is quality. Every Big Bag is made from top-range polypropylene with a high carrying capacity. Due to the sturdy construction, our Big Bags of 500 litre are very suitable for powders, granules, as well as for larger products.

Big Bag 500 Litre models

Because of the different ways to use them, at, you can choose from various Big Bag 500 litre models. Our options are as follows:

In most cases, you can easily tell what each Big bag is used for based on the name. However, you may not know immediately what form-retaining Big Bags are used for. This model has a reinforced structure which maintains its square shape. Because of this form, you can easily use it to store and/or transport products with a smaller size such as granules and powders. Do you have any questions about our Big Bags or our other 500 litre models? Then feel free to contact us!

Big Bag 500 litre printed

When you purchase your Big Bag with a 50 litre capacity, having them printed with your company logo will make you reel in the benefits of smart advertising. Therefore, offers you a wide range of printing options. For example, you can have your logo or the colours of your company printed on your Big Bag. Printing is possible in black and white, shades of grey, and/or various colours. Furthermore, our Big Bag 500 litre models can be printed on one or more sides. That way, your employees and customers will instantly recognise that it belongs to your company, making it a great way to promote your business.

Buy Big Bag 500 litres

Would you like to buy a Big Bag of 500 litres? Then you are at the right place at We have experience with storage, transportation, and logistics. This guarantees that your Big Bags are of the highest quality and are easy to handle. It is possible to buy both small and large numbers of Big Bags. You can request your quote online or by telephone. At, you will benefit from competitive prices! We also ensure that you will receive your products fast, so you can start using them right away.

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Big Bag 500 litre
Big Bag 500 litre
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