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Big Bag container 1m³

Big Bag container 1m³

Store safe and stable raw materials, waste or other goods with the Big Bag container 1m³. The FIBC pallet system is a unique Dutch product that can replace more conventional products such as plastic boxes, metal storage bins and cardboard solutions for easier storage and transportation of bulk materials from the food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and the agricultural sector. 

The system offers you a fast, clean and safe choice for logistics and storage of powders and granular products, not to mention other liquid substances, as well as small plastic semi-finished articles. Check out our Big Bag container 1m³ selection and order easily online. Are you curious about our rates? Then you can request a quote online without any obligation. 

Big Bag container 1m³ material

For optimal quality, 1m³ of high-quality material is used for the manufacture of our Big Bag containers. The Big Bag container 1m³ is made of high-grade plastic (HDPE) and quality aluminium and is used in combination with an FIBC (Big Bag). The FIBC pallet system has a standard frame (pallet section) of 1140 x 1140 mm with rounded corners and a capacity of 1,000kg or 1m³. With our Big Bag container 1m³, we supply a product of the highest quality!

Big Bag container 1m³ advantages

The use of a Big Bag container 1m³ offers many advantages, including:

  • Space-saving and flexible
  • Hygienic and clean; no absorption of moisture, etc. etc.
  • A safe and ARBO accepted by stacking capability of FIBCs
  • Rounded corners for safe operation
  • Stacking possibility for damage sensitive products
  • If not loaded easy to move around manually
  • Increase of storage capacity per m²
  • Low storage volume when system is not in use
  • Static charge capacity 4,000kg (maximum 4 high)
  • Dynamic charge capacity 2,000kg (maximum 2 high)
  • Possibility for customer-specific customization
  • Guaranteed residual value through the use of fully recyclable raw materials
  • Traceable and recognisable by means of an RF-ID tag (optional)
  • TNO tested
  • Twelve disassembled sets fit on a 1140m x 1140mm pallet.
  • Strong and light in weight (25 kg)

For the best Big Bag 1m³ container benefits, choose a total supplier solution at the BigBagStore.

Big Bag container 1m³ guidance and advice

To get a firm grip on all there is to know about Big Bag container 1m³ solutions, speak to our friendly team of experts today. Get answers on general queries, or get the guidance you need to provide you with insights into more specific questions. We’re on hand and ready to provide you with the answers you need. For industry-leading Big Bag container 1m³ advice, always choose the BigBagStore. 

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