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Big Bag container

Big Bag container 

The High Volume Big Bag container is suitable for the storage and transportation of bulk goods, with volumes of 1-2m³ or 1,500kg. The container works as an aid to stacking for Big Bags up to 1-2m³ and is a unique Dutch design product that can replace conventional products such as plastic boxes or metal storage containers.

The high volume Big Bag container is also often used as a standard for filling Big Bags in various industry sectors. The High Volume Big Bag container is a hygienic way to store and transport, offering a cost-effective packing option for heavier FIBCs (up to three stacked on top of each other, or a total weight of 6,000kg).

High Volume Large container bag

The High Volume Big Bag container is available in any desired height with a maximum Big Bag height of over 2 metres. The simple quick-release system tightens the lifting loops of the bag and positions it in place. At the bottom of the Big Bag container is a slide to easily unload the product from the Big Bag itself.

The high-volume container can be stacked up to at least 4 high.  Each container can be loaded up to a total weight of 1,500kg. Pallets can easily be labelled and nested together so that they do not slip free of each other and topple. Posts of the higher volume Big Bag container can be collected conveniently in the recesses of the pallet itself.

Big Bag container dimensions

We offer a Big Bag container in various sizes. For example, you can choose from a standard container up to 1m³ or a high volume 1-2m³. The use of the container brings many advantages. The pockets are stable and you can save space by stacking them together. Let us know what your desired Big Bag container dimensions are so that we can provide you with customized solutions.

Big Bag container advice

To provide you with good Big Bag container advice, please contact our specialist team at any time to provide you with the right Big Bags for your business. Do you want to know which containers are most suitable for your company? Then you can count on us for personalised Big Bag container advice.

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