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Big Bag dispenser

Big Bag dispenser

Easily empty and check the load of your Big Bag with our Big Bag dispenser. For optimum levels of user-friendliness, the system is easy to link to your Big Bag of choice. In addition, this system is incredibly easy to operate. The flexibility of the design allows you to effortlessly steer your raw material to your desired destination. Order your dispenser today and we’ll arrange express delivery so it’s with you in no time at all.

Helix Big Bag Dispenser

The Helix Big Big Bag Dispenser is a unique unloading system for partial emptying of Big Bags with fertilizers, seeds, animal feeders and other types of flowing materials.

The Helix Big Bag Dispenser consists of the following parts:

  • The dispenser has two cutting surfaces (covered by a safety clamp) to penetrate the Big Bag correctly and in the dispenser, there is a slide to open and close the dispenser. The diameter of the opening is 13cm.
  • The retaining ring ensures that the dispenser is securely clamped in place.
  • The flexible discharge pipe is connected to the dispenser with a snap-on mounting and controls the material in any direction.

Big Bag dispenser insights and advice

To provide you with good Big Bag dispenser advice, please contact our specialist team at any time to provide you with the right big bags for your business. In addition to the Helix Big Bag dispenser we also offer you the Torpedo Big Bag dispenser. This system, specially developed for farmers, allows you to unload materials in parts. The BigBagstore is happy to assist you with custom Big Bag dispenser advice.

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