Big Bag Knife

Big Bag Knife

Are you looking for a convenient solution to easily open your Big Bags to empty the content? Our Big Bag Knife offers a simple solution. Whether it is on a drilling platform, large construction site or in the chemical industry, you’ll find that Big Bags are being used in more and more industries and sectors. However, emptying them effectively and efficiently can present a problem. The answer is the Big Bag Knife. 

Use a Big Bag Knife

To make life as easy as possible, you’ll be glad to know our Big Knife is an incredibly straightforward system. With the knife, you can cut the bottom of a Big Bag so that it can be emptied of its load in no time. The bar is centrally equipped with an extra handle for reinforced grip. The best way to use a Big Bag Knife is to place it directly underside of the Big Bag you intend to unload and pull the handle towards you.

Big Bag Knife Safety

A safe working environment is very important and that's why the Big Bag Knife has been carefully designed with safety at the forefront of its features.  The Knife is equipped with an extra-long handle of 100cm, allowing you to carry out cutting at a safe distance. In addition, the device is equipped with a knife that automatically retracts when you release the rotary pull element. The turning pull element is located in the handle. After releasing this part, the knife disappears into the head and it stays there. This ensures a high level of protection against cutting accidents.

The Big Bag Knife tackles sensitive workplace environments with ease. For example, the exchangeable anti-dirt element prevents dust and other foreign matter from reaching your face, protecting your eyes, mouth and nose. The high Big Bag Knife safety ensures that you can unload your Big Bag responsibly. 

Big Bag Knife material

Our Big Bag Knife is made of high-quality material. The handle of the Big Bag Knife is made of high-grade aluminium, celebrated for its resilience, strength and durability. All other components are made of reinforced plastic. Sealing rings on the rotary pulling element and protective caps on the screws also contribute to durability and weather resistance. The Big Bag Knife is also equipped with an eye. This way you can easily hang it when it isn’t being used. For optimal quality, only the best material is used to craft the Big Bag Knife.

Big Bag Knife advice and insights

Would you like more information about the product? You are welcome to contact our expert customer service team for Big Bag Knife advice and benefit from our unrivalled expertise. They can also tell you more about buying a Big Bag or about printing Big Bags so you can enhance your brand identity. Thanks to our years of experience in our industry, we can give you Big Bag Knife advice tailored to your needs.