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Ventilated Big Bags

Ventilated Big Bags

Our ventilated Big Bags are the ideal solution for storing or transporting food products like fruit and vegetable produce. The structure of these bags is open, ensuring that goods housed within them enjoy a breathable environment with plenty of air circulation. Because of this, the quality of goods is guaranteed as the logistics process is fulfilled, minimising losses and securing profit margins. Our ventilated Big Bags can also be used to store goods and materials like firewood. 

Ventilated Big Bags printing and personalisation

Give brand awareness a boost when storing or transporting your goods when you choose to personalise your Big Bags with prints. You can choose to customise your ventilated Big Bags with your company logo or other business hallmarks, helping establish your corporate identity at every step of operation. Our experts are on hand to talk you through available printing options, as well as the possibilities our products provide you. In our extensive online range of ventilated Big Bags, you’ll find products in all shapes and sizes, with various versions available so you can also guarantee on a great fit for your requirement. At the BigBagStore, you’ve a total supplier solution.

Purchase ventilated Big Bags online

Already found the Big Bag design you’re after in our online range? It’s easy to purchase the ventilated Big Bag of your choice here. If you’re keen to know more about our available rates, you can request a quote instantly online and one of our sales team will get in touch ASAP. Don’t forget, we also stock a wide range of accessories like Big Bag containers, providing you with a space-saving, stackable solution that’ll help you cut costs further. Need your questions answered? Whatever you’re itching to ask about ventilated Big Bags, our expert team are on hand to answer every possible query. Simply get in touch today.

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