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Shape-retaining Big Bags
Shape-retaining Big Bags
  • Easy loading
  • Suitable for different sectors
  • Big space
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Product specifications

Articlenumber: 3
Material: Polypropylene
Single / multiple use: Single use
Feature 1: Easy loading
Feature 2: Suitable for different sectors
Feature 3: Big space

Shape-retaining Big Bags

Ensure safe and secure storage of your raw materials and commodities with BigBagStore Big Bags. We’re the go-to specialist in the field of premium Big Bags, with years of experience in the industry. Owing to our unrivalled expertise, we can offer our customers quality products at incredible prices. Our resilient Big Bags, also known as Q-Bags, are made of a high-grade woven polypropylene material for sturdiness and durability. What’s more, our bags are enhanced with an internal layer that ensures they retain their shape even more effectively. The final product is a highly resilient and robust bag that’s stable, secure and stackable. Take advantage of our extensive range and highly competitive prices today.

Reliable Big Bags for Rubble

A lot of waste can amount when carrying out construction work or an extensive renovation project. Our Big Bags provide a reliable way to dispose of waste materials, while also serving as an ideal storage solution. Our bags can be used for storing or transporting items such as:

  •  Granulates
  •  Wood products
  •  Agricultural products
  •  Coffee beans
  •  Cocoa beans
  •  Sand, gravel, earth, potting soil
  •  Firewood
  •  Fertilisers
  •  Feed products
  •  Asbestos
  •  Recycles products, including plastics

Our bags are incredibly spacious, offering immense amounts of internal storage. You’ve a range of options to choose from, with Big Bags available in an assortment of styles including coated bags, uncoated bags, ventilated versions, or those with liners. Using our sturdy bags provides you with many advantages. Sacks are equipped with four standard lifting handles for easier transportation, with a robust inner construction as standard. This also makes it incredibly easy to stack bags on top of each other, saving you precious space if you’re working with limited square footage. If you’re searching for a total supplier of quality Big Bags, get in touch today to request a quotation today.

Order Rigid and Robust Big Bags Today

If you’ve already seen the bag style you’re after in our online range, you can order your Big Bag of choice online today. Remember, the type of Big Bag required for any application is dependent on several factors. We offer bags for all industries and applications, from Big Bags tailor-made for the fields of construction, to bags specially created for the chemical industry, not to mention first-rate Big Bags designed for the food industry. Don’t forget, you can also choose to have your Big Bags personalised with your company logo or corporate information. An ideal way to boost your corporate identity and boost your brand awareness. If you’re looking for more information about our Big Bag range before you order, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly sales team today.

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Shape-retaining big bag
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