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1-Loop Big Bags
1-Loop Big Bags
1-Loop Big Bags
  • Reliable storage location for your goods
  • Used in many industries
  • customization possible
Product specifications

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Product specifications

Articlenumber: BB2001
Material: Polypropylene
Single / multiple use: Single use
Feature 1: Reliable storage location for your goods
Feature 2: Used in many industries
Feature 3: customization possible

1-Loop Big Bags

Are you looking for a safe, secure and reliable solution for storing and/or transporting your goods? The 1-loop Big Bag is the perfect choice for you. A quality construction and high-grade materials make these bags very sturdy, providing you with a convenient storage solution for your goods. Products from our 1-loop Big Bags range are typically used to store and transport products like:

  •  Granulates
  •  Wood products
  •  Agricultural products
  •  Coffee beans
  •  Cocoa beans
  •  Sand, gravel, earth, potting soil
  •  Firewood
  •  Fertilisers
  •  Feed products
  •  Asbestos
  •  Recycles products, including plastics

In our online range, you’ll find plenty of product possibilities on offer. There’s a strong chance you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for after a quick scan through our selection, with 1-loop Big Bags that are ideal for your exacting requirement. When you’ve decided on what design to go for, you can make a Big Bag order online by requesting a quote.

1-Loop Big Bag Uses

You can also use 1-loop Big Bags to store lighter building materials such as sand, gravel and earth. Do you intend to fill bags with materials by machine, rather than manually? Big Bags make an ideal choice of container vessel for your materials, allowing for quick and efficient filling by automatic systems. Our 1-loop Big Bags can be used in all manner of industries, from the chemical industry and food industries, right through to heavy-duty construction sectors. Don’t forget, when you purchase an entire pallet of Big Bags, you don’t have to fork out for shipping costs. It’s just one way the BigBagStore likes to put its customers first.

Ordering 1-Loop Big Bags

We always strive to put our customers first and accommodate their every wish, which is why we make it possible for our clients to order 1-loop Big Bags that are tailored to their requirements. For example, it’s possible to add your logo or corporate branding to your chosen products, giving brand awareness a boost with minimal hassle. To help minimise impact on the environment, we also offer a range of used Big Bags for sale. Do you have any questions or queries about our range of 1-loop Big Bags you’d like answering before ordering? Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today and our experts will be happy to help.

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1-Loop Big Bags
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