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Asbestos sheet bag
Asbestos sheet bag
  • Suitable for materials containing asbestos
  • High quality
  • Many sizes & types
Product specifications

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Product specifications

Articlenumber: Asbestos sheet bag
Material: Polypropylene
Top: Closed
Bottom: Closed
Single / multiple use: Single use
Feature 1: Suitable for materials containing asbestos
Feature 2: High quality
Feature 3: Many sizes & types

Asbestos sheet bag

In the past, asbestos was widely used in corrugated sheets for roofing. However, a ban will come into effect in 2024 on asbestos roofs. To safely dispose of these corrugated sheets, you can use an asbestos sheet bag from These are made in such a way that the flat and long sheets will fit inside well. They can be closed completely to prevent any contamination happening. Would you like to buy one of our sheet bags? Then request a quote online at or contact us directly by telephone.

Asbestos sheet bag use

Are you curious about our asbestos sheet bags and how to use them? As mentioned above, the flat bag has been specially made to remove corrugated sheets. For safety reasons, the asbestos logo is displayed clearly on the sheet bag. You also have the choice of a singular or double-lined inner bag for more stability. In addition, the asbestos sheet bag is made of polypropylene (PP), which makes the bag extremely sturdy. Do you have any questions about the asbestos sheet bag and its use? Then please feel free to contact us!

Buy asbestos sheet bag

Buy your asbestos sheet bag for a competitive price at All of our in stock products will be delivered to you quickly. Not only do we deliver your asbestos bags throughout Europe, but also further afield. In addition to asbestos sheet bags, we also offer a diverse range of asbestos mini bags for smaller quantities and asbestos container bags for larger jobs. When you buy your asbestos sheet bag at, you are guaranteed the highest quality product!

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